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The NEW 0.3 tanning regulation. We’re compliant but what is it?

Posted on 25/11/2013

In 2003 a European Standard on UV radiation levels was introduced which was followed in 2009 with new regulations limiting the amount of UV radiaton permitted in tanning equipment in the UK to no more than 0.3 watts of energy per square metre.

This new UV output limit is recognised as being safe by the government and the regulation is therefore intended to ensure users of tanning equipment are unlikely to over expose themselves to UV and burn.

At present no date has been set for all tanning centres to be fully compliant with this new regulation but as a promoter of responsible tanning and as a member of The Sunbed Association who advocate that all tanning centres should now be fully compliant with the new regulation we are now using the new 0.3 tanning lamps when we re-tube each of our tanning equipment.

Within the next 12 months it is expected that all of our tanning equipment will be 0.3 compliant. Please ask one of our tanning professionals which of our tanning equipment has been changed to 0.3 tanning lamps in your local Sunseekers tanning cente.

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