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Tanning Lotions

Using a quality tanning lotion will help you achieve your desired tan much more quickly. It will also extend the life of your tan as well as protecting your skin from the effects of tanning.

Premium Tanning Lotions

At Sunseekers we stock a range of different premium tanning lotion brands, namely Australian Gold and Devoted Creations. And all of our tanning professionals are trained on the benefits of each product sold in our tanning centres. You can therefore be assured that we will only recommend you a tanning lotion that is right for your skin, your tanning goals and your budget.

We categorize our lotions into two categories – Accelerators and Maximisers.

Accelerator Lotions

Accelerator lotions are recommended for those who are starting from their natural skin colour and building up a base tan. These lotions contain 3 essential ingredients which help 'accelerate' this process.

Moisturisers – that help soften the skin allowing more UV to penetrate the skins surface. Remember, dry skin does not tan.

Tyrosine – this is the 'accelerant' as this enables our skin cells to produce more melanin (the tanning ingredient which without we cannot tan) when our skin is exposed to UV.

Vitamins A and E – essential vitamins to keep the skin healthy and prevent free-radical damaging (skin ageing).

Hover over each of our Accelerator lotions above to learn more about how these lotions can kick start your tan.

Australian Gold Accelerator

Australian Gold "Accelerator"

Unique Selling Features:

  • No.1 selling tanning lotion in the world for 25 years
  • High concentration of tyrosine to accelerate the production of melanin
  • Excellent price point offering great value for money
Australian Gold Gelee

Australian Gold "Gelee"

Unique Selling Features:

  • High concentration of hemp seed extract provides extra skin hydration to further prevent free-radical damage (skin ageing)
  • Classic Australian gold CocoaDreams fragrance to prevent after tan odour
  • Excellent price point offering great value for money
Power Gel

Power Gel

Unique Selling Features:

  • Gel lotion allows for quicker absorption therefore making it more effective when exposed to UV light
  • Gel lotion makes it preferable for men as it rubs over body hair more easily than a cream lotion
  • It is oil free which makes it preferable for those with a naturally oily skin
  • Excellent price point offering great value for money

Maximiser Lotions

Maximiser lotions are recommended for those who have built up a good base tan but want to take their tan to the next level (often referred to as going beyond your tanning plateau). They contain the same ingredients as found in accelerator lotions but are more concentrated with these ingredients to really help push your tan further.

They also contain an added ingredient called copper peptides which helps the melanin that has been created in our skin cells react with oxygen to oxidise the melanin that results in our skin tanning.

Some maximiser lotions also contain a ‘tingle’ ingredient which causes our blood capillaries to thin thus enabling our skin cells to be provided with more oxygen which is vital for tanning. Only advanced tanners that have a good base tan should use tanning lotions that contain a ‘tingle’ ingredient and these lotions should not be applied to the face or neck areas.

Hover over each of our Maximiser lotions above to lean more about how these lotions can take your tan to an even darker level.

Hardcore Black

Hardcore Black

Unique Selling Features:

  • Contains a high concentration of instant bronzers for an immediate bronzed glow as well as delayed bronzers for a longer lasting natural colour
  • High concentration of skin softeners that penetrates deep to reveal sensually smooth skin
  • High concentration of hemp seed oil that retains the skins elasticity keeping the skin firm and radiant


Unique Selling Features:

  • Contains native and omega oils with pure aloe Vera allowing your natural pigmentation process to tan as fast as nature allows
  • Contains the highest levels of Vitamins A, E, C & F that provide age-defying, anti-wrinkle properties

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